Vikas Thakur
Learning English

Hello there,

My name is Vikas Thakur. Actually i m learning English form a long time but yet to speak or write completlly. 

Basically i started this discussed because my lack of confidence. Actually i can't fluently speak English. I can write English but i have to think a lot before i write something. So is any person who can tell me how can i grow my learning faster. Is any way to improve more faster. Is anybuddy here who can help me with there English. Actually i need a language partner who can practice  written or speak English with me. I will be very happy to communicate with you. 

it will be nice to meet you.

Thanks in Advance.

Vikas Thakur

Apr 18, 2018 10:36 AM
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Hi Vikas.    To speak better English you often need to improve your confidence in speaking the language.  Many people do not feel comfortable speaking until they think they can speak it perfectly but really you just need to start speaking and then practice, a lot.   There are lots of ways to practice speaking. 

Read out loud.  This helps you get used to saying English words out loud and to hearing yourself speak in English.

Talk to yourself in English.  Talk to yourself when you are doing daily tasks around the house.  Tell yourself what you are doing etc Describe what is in your house and what you see out the window.  Only let yourself think in English when you are doing this task.

If you like singing sing along to songs.

To check on how you sound when speaking grab your smartphone as record yourself speaking.  People often don´t hear themselves making errors when they are speaking but when they listen to themselves they hear the errors.

To be a good speaker you also have learn to listen.  


April 19, 2018
Hi Vikas! I could be your tutor, check out my profile, have a great day :)
April 19, 2018