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Don't assume ... Keep it simple i think the most delaying and annoying factor in human communication is assuming that u know the message behind others talk don't make assumptions and keep it simple .... they don't have a message unless they told u they have one even if u have the most powerfull sensation system don't do assumptions if u worry about something or u think there is a hidden message in the talk; just ask .... it's that simple maybe one assumption is allowed .... whoever u r talking with doesn't have a hidden message we r delaying ourselves from getting others points by concentrating on non-essential talk what else do u think is more annoying than this one ????
Jun 10, 2008 1:19 AM
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Right , like it is that simple to do not assume?!
Like it or not it is in our gene to make assumptions and we are not even talking about if our assumptions are right or wrong.
Of course I totally agree with the ideea of keeping it simple , I even recomand the ideea but like always from theory to practice it is a big step!
We need to read betwen the lines, our instinct  tell us to, and this might lead us to over interpretate the facts. Sure it complicates our existance and yet we never seem to learn our lesson.
I am thinking very serious on writing on a wall : Keep it simple, so I can see it every day , and maybe I will learn my lesson, maybe.....
June 27, 2008
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