English synonymous I have difficulty with some words in English, because many of them have several synonyms and I don't know exactly which ones are more common. so I'm looking for some native English speaker to help me with this.
Apr 19, 2018 4:46 AM
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Hi Helder. 

Yes, there are often a lot of words in English that mean similar things and can be used interchangeably.   To learn which words we use in everyday English you need to listen to Native English Speakers and read a lot.  Listen to movies, TV, podcasts, or anything that is of interest to you. Do it for enjoyment, not because you have to do it:)   Read books, articles, newspapers,  blogs or anything that you find enjoyable.   You can find lots of English newspapers online and most have videos with them as well.  

By reading and listening you will learn the current words we use.   You may notice however that certain words may be used more in one country or in one area of the media more than another.  

Also speak with Native English speakers as much as you can:)

April 19, 2018
Which ones do you struggle with?
April 19, 2018