Some thoughts on the learning process.

Every day I write something in Korean. Mostly grammar. I remember a lot of it, but if I find myself struggling, I always refer to my trusty notepad. I make sure I use the same pen (4 colour) which definitely helps too. 

Lately I've been struggling with putting my words into sentences and today I realised that I focus too much on grammar that my vocabulary falls by the wayside. I could probably tell you how to conjugate 이다 or how to use ㄹ/을 for future tense but, embarrassingly, had to google the word 'beach'.

Today I am making the effort to improve my vocabulary. I think I'll have a look at some lists and try to find the more difficult words. Words like 'beach' and 'woods' and 'outside' shouldn't be this hard. I know it's my own fault. But it got me thinking - what's one thing you're weaker on? One thing you neglect in your language journey? We all have (at least) one thing that needs working on a little bit more. How about this weekend we take the time to strengthen the skills that we've been ignoring? Leave a comment letting me know what you'll be practicing this weekend. Cheers!

Apr 19, 2018 7:15 PM
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Like you I have been focusing too much on grammar . I am learning spanish and it seems like there are a lot more tenses in Spanish than English. There is also the subjunctive mood which is difficult to follow. Im so afraid of forgetting the conjugations that I fail to practice my vocabulary as well. I struggle the most with pronouns. Spanish speakers say them so fast its very easy to miss. Im so focused on trying to recognize a noun or verb I miss the pronoun entirely and end up confused. I am working everyday on listening and I feel i am getting better so i will jusy stay positive and remember that learning a language is not a linear process. There will be good days and bad days but its important not to get discouraged. Good luck in your studies.
April 20, 2018

I try to listen to Korean too but like you, am too focussed on listening for one word I can recognise so I can follow better. As adults, the process is going to a little bit longer than we want it to be, so I guess keep it up and remember to spread your time evenly between the different areas of the language. I may do better with help from a teacher so I can learn in a more structured way but for the time being I'm enjoying this exploration. Eventually though, I'll just get a tutor.

April 20, 2018