a GIRL called CINDERELLA A beautiful girl with the most lovely smile..... Wonderful eyes that tell you every thing.... just look at her face and you will forget all your problems.... Talk to her and you will know the true meaning of being kind. She was stalled and tortured by her step mother.... She worked as a maid in her own house… She served the people who supposed to be her family…. She was prevented from her simple rights…. She was nothing and I mean nothing… But she accepted that regardless her pain. The most tragedy story of all times that makes you feel sympathy with her... and with some creativity of the writer you will fall in love with the character.... and wish to marry someone like her and save her from the well of the EVIL you Noble Knight. What is wrong with you people…. Can’t you see that she is so weak … and she has no dignity … even she didn’t fight back or at least resist this situation. She just accepted the reality without hope or ambitions.   This is just disgusting and this culture of Cinderella affecting all of us men and women at many levels of thinking (studying, work, relationships, etc).   I just wrote this article to say that I like SNOW WHITE more .  
May 16, 2008 5:49 PM
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Wooooooow What an amazing discussion! Really i like ur words wise dumbo , I think u r a creative writer. I like lovely egyptian 's comment too .I was so sad to know that Arab women are  between two characters cindrella or her stepmpther ! that's pity. What are our contributions and achievements , nothing we always wait for someone to save us from our sufferrings and make our dreams real. On the other hand, there are women who are not women but wear the women skin.They are monsters. I feel that it's time to grow up a new generation of women who can be creative , effective, strong , passionate and tender as well.
January 18, 2011
وما نيل المطالب بالتمني ... ولكن تؤخذ الدنيا غلابا من يهن يسهل الهوان عليه ... ما لجرح بميت إيلام to be short ... if you have something then you have it and no one can take it from you ... if you don't then don't blame any one WHY we are expecting every thing to be easy ??? it doesn't go this way. in my opinion one of the methods of measuring the greatness of an action is how hard it was and what was the difficulties faced this action. i just realized that i can't be short :D
May 21, 2008
hi,iwill talk about us,girlswho live in arabic area.we all are cindrellawhohave no hope or ambitions.we all me,your sister,mom,wife,suffer from this situation,the cause is u,men.our society based on that man is the strongest,hasgood mind,thinking to take decessions,he must protect woman from herselfas she is the actual evil,if man leave to do what she want,she will destroy all things.our tradition give u all right to do what u want but woman become guilty if she want to do what she want. here girl studythen marry of man who has all rights to hits,hurt,laughing at her ,know others women in work,chat.all this press on us,so we are hopeless.women must allways follow man in his sucess.but she always house keeper even she work ,study as him.she always failer.she must be man shadowonly .we can survive,fighting for our rights,if u give us achance ,leave us to do the best in our eye of view,do u Adam?!!!!!!!!!idonot think so!!!! so leave cindrella as she!!
May 20, 2008
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