It is hard to find a love with outgoing anywhere

The Internet is such a big thing of this time it gives Us more communication and meeting space.

but there are too many disadvantages of its. people often lose their tamper and they easily destroy their relationship.

how the internet has done it there are too many people there who enter in your life through the Internet.

there are too many porn sites to break your life. 

people do not know the real meaning of relationship it is a beautiful thing of everyone's life.

please don't compare your life to other's I see most of the people waste our time and energy to see what happened other's life

They don't think that's not your life and you get nothing and Many try to find love on the internet they don't know how much time and energy they already waste 


Apr 20, 2018 3:02 PM
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The internet os not the problem, depends on how mature is the person. If it's too hard for someone to have a good, healthy relatrelationship, without the need to go and search for someone else.... then maybe that person needs to live more, be single..

Almost everyone have internet.. and not everyone search for other person, porn, etc..

(Sorry for my bad English)

April 21, 2018
I think you  mean without going - not with outgoing :-)
April 21, 2018
Because of that I am really thinking of quitting my. Social media apps.
April 20, 2018
Good thoughts and very true. The internet is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s like an addictive drug that starts out having an amazingly good effect, but with time loses its effectiveness, becomes addictive, and then can destroy you. It’s got its side effects you might say. People expose far too much about themselves online because they forget they’re talking to the world, not 10 people on a website. So, watch out.  Movie stars and celebrities don’t disclose their home addresses and telephone numbers for good reasons. It’s not hard to imagine why. 
April 20, 2018
Cyberspace is nothing more than a place to help you reach out for further help, friendship and connection. You are basically unable to cook your food without cooking materials. Even if you can learn cooking skills on Youtube, you have to cook with your hands to learn and master these skills. ICT literacy (Information and Communicative technology) is a "hard" skill that people have to master to improve their lives but soft skills cannot be overall taken place by computer language based upon zero and one. 
April 21, 2018