Shoot the breeze :) Do you like my personal project???

Good day (it would be easier to adress to more people saying that.. as on Italki all of us don't share the same time-zone).

I would like to invite you to have a look in my new project... it is related to English. I am a passionate English learner and teacher. 

So, I would appreciate any help, opinion or like to my website that allow me to arrive to more people!

I will organize some meetings where people will be able to share their English spoken knowledge. It will be in Barcelona, so many of you unfortunately wouldn't be available to come (unless you are in Holidays in Barcelona :D)

Let me go further and help people to gain confindence in this tricky and demanding language.

I will post songs, articles, tips and all the interesting things which come to my mind. And also, others comment will be happily accepted.

hope you find it interesting!

Apr 20, 2018 8:30 PM
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ooohhh, thanks :)
April 20, 2018

Hi, Christina

I would recommend you use Meet-up to engage more participants of interest to your meeting. Meet-up is a website with schedules and simple settings based upon face to face conference so as to facilitate a wide range of gatherings and surely it is very applicable to your activity. 

Good luck. 

April 20, 2018
Thank you very much 
But Iive in another area exactly in Syria 
Can you help me to improve my language. 
April 20, 2018