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How do you guys study korean? I posted a question earlier how should i go about learning korean. I dont really like some of the methods that were discussed, so i am curious abot how you all go about learning korean?
2018년 4월 21일 오전 12:03
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I studied using TTMIK via Memrise for about 6 months. While doing that I also took a few grammar lessons here, and even more "free-talk" lessons. Now I don't really "study" anymore. But that's just because the language has become so familiar, as I use it every day. I also try to think in it, but for now it's mostly simple sentences.

Also, this might be a cliché, but I try as much to live the language - to get the feel of it and its identity - and not simply just learn it.  

2018년 4월 21일
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