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Want Recommendations for spanish learners Youtube, articles, websites, or any apps

What are the best tools to improve your spanish ??

21. Apr 2018 04:33
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Some apps:

Basics: duolingo:

Vocab: memrise:

Sentences: language zen:

Complete course, first lessons free, then payed: Babbel:

App to learn some basic conversations: Spanish injection:

App to study your conjugations: regular verbs:
Irregular verbs:

Podcasts are also perfect for improving your Spanish.
A good one is: Hoy Hablamos

The youtube show "Learn Spanish with Extra" is perfect for beginners.

21. April 2018
I've just started Pimsleur's Spanish course. For the start, it goes well. There are 28-minute lessons with American explanations. But after the first listening and dropping off all explanations and contracting pauses between phrases up to 1.8 sec. they to become 10-11-minute only Spanish units easy and handy to repeat.
21. April 2018

¡Hola, Momoko!:

There are lots of postcasts, websites and social media in Spanish.

Anyway, if would be perfect if you can give us an idea of your interests, hobbies and goals that you have. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you want to talk about your preferences in Spanish. I will be more than happy to help you! Trial lessons are available from now.

¡Hasta pronto!

21. April 2018

For mobile:

21. April 2018

All levels: Notes in Spanish Podcast, News in Slow Spanish

Advanced: Radio Ambulante

Ideas: switch your phone language setting to Spanish (also works for facebook, etc)

13. Dezember 2018
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