Learning english How way to make our self confident to talk with people in english ?
Apr 21, 2018 4:54 PM
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Just start to do it! Talk somehow. Do not demand from yourself an ideal conversation. Excuse to yourself mistakes. Try to laugh at yourself! Find pleasure in conversation. Communicate from the heart. :)
April 21, 2018

How to be confident about talking to people in English

1) Cheat, use skype and write down all the thing you are going to say and then work your way through the list, smile a lot and realise the other person has the same fears

um,,, that's it

Fear is natural, part of learning is finding ways to overcome the fear


April 21, 2018
Yes, making mistakes in learning a language is a normal part of the learning process and the fear of making them is something all learners need to overcome. I know that is easier said than done. But,  the fear of speaking, which is how one learns best, is impeded by the anxiety of making a mistake. Even though it might seem embarrassing, two thoughts might help overcome any sense of embarrassment you might have (which needs to be overcome): When learning a foreign language the greatest problem people have is with memory. Remembering new words, their nuances and learning idiomatic expressions is hard. People struggle all the time to remember a correct word or application of it. When you make a mistake in a language, and know what it is, you instantly are a bit disappointed and maybe a little embarrassed. This disappointment/embarrassment makes a mark in your memory that you never forget. And that’s due to disappointment of having made the mistake. Hence, you remember the mistake and normally never repeat it because the emotional trauma of it won’t let you forget it. This is a good thing because now you’ve learned something. You’ve made progress. Had you not been corrected on the mistake, you would have kept on making it not knowing any better. Secondly, to overcome the embarrassment consider this: How many people even know you made the mistake? The ONE teacher, or maybe a class of 30? How many people in the world speak your target language? Probably millions.  Let’s say a hundred million. What’s one person or thirty out of 100,000,000? It’s nothing. And you’ll probably never even see the people who heard you make the mistake for at best a short period of time, and then probably never again. So, was the spoken mistake a problem? No. On the contrary it was a benefit. You learned something and you’re invisible to a hundred million people, or more, who never heard or ever even will hear that you made the mistake. 
April 21, 2018

I believe one way to be self confident to talk to people, is to give yourself permission to make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and we should not be embarrassed by them. If you ever observe babies learning to speak, you will notice how confident and eager they are to speak. If they waited to be confident, perhaps they wouldn’t learn as quickly.

When learning anything new, we should allow ourself to be as bold as the babies :) You could perhaps start by speaking English with friends, family, people close to you. But more than anything else, be fearless and start speaking English. The more you speak, more you will improve. Cheers!!

April 21, 2018