Learning a language while playing videogames I have been trying to diversify the methods I use to learn a language (currently french). Ranging from reading books in kindle, as the app has a dictionary, to watching movies or series on Netflix and videos documentaries youtubers on YouTube. I recently discovered that I was missing one. Playing videogames on French. Before I had the dilemma between spending time studying or playing on my ps4. Just until recently I came up with the idea of playing but choosing french as the language in the games. Now, as my level is relatively good (at least for listening and reading) the obvious step is speaking. As it has become more and more common to have multiplayer options, I am in the search of people wanting to try this method. Has anyone tried this.method? Any insights? Anyone with ps4 willing to try? I can offer help with Spanish (native) and English (Advanced), French language students also welcome.
Apr 21, 2018 6:19 PM
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Never tried it, but I would think it would be not too efficient because the range of words used on video games is very limited and they are used in non- standard ways. Like, „I made it to the next level.“ That’s a video game use of the word „level“ that is non-standard. There are many other examples. The Gamer world has developed its own vocabulary too, so you’d be learning their use of vocabulary which for me would be useless.  It’s not important to know the name of dragon 54 who slayed the evil Queen from Zohanistar and allowed you, Avatarconquerer to advance to the droid level. These are not useful vocabulary in language learning. 
April 21, 2018