Buiduong Thuytrang
Find a friend to practice English with me My English speaking is not very good so I hope you can practice speaking English with me regularly

We can talk about our hobbies, culture, environment, politics psychology, countries or everything we love.

And I hope, when we have writing prompts, we can exchange our ideas, check the sentences, grammar.

I am Vietnamese so I can help you if you want, too

You can contact me: Facebook , skype, LINE, etc.

Looking forward to the answer from friends all over the world

Thank you :>

Apr 22, 2018 4:43 AM
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Okay :>
April 22, 2018
Hello, i can hellp you, we can practice daily, if interested you may contact me on my skype [email protected] Bet me clear, i am not a native speaker of English Language but can speak English and Hindi Language very well, if interested please do contact me.
April 22, 2018
Hi you can practice with me too! I already have some friens whom I can speak with and it's a veey food opportunity to improve English. If you want to talk with me just add me as friend. My skype nickname is alberto.bocci79. Sepak soon then
April 22, 2018