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How to deal with so many friends and messages? I registered italki about two weeks ago and received many messages. Thank you the app gives me such good chance to communicate with people from all over the world. I made some good friends who are very patient to me and teach me about language. A good friend even shares his research results with me. We have many same topics because we are all PhD students. It is they who are all not native English speakers but give me a lot of help.

At the same time, some friends hold strange intentions. I guess many people may just feel bored and want to find someone to kill the time. Can you believe that a guy express deep love to you after once conversation? The whole time from him first sending me message is less than 24 hours. We only type some words, no audio and no video. It’s amazing for me.

Another person wants me to help him to register a dating website with my own phone number. Are you kidding?

I don’t know how many people will tell a lie on internet. Anyway, I was sincere in what I was saying. I’m a little tired of replying different kinds of conversation. Looking back the past week, I feel fruitless. But I spend a lot of time on chatting on line and ignore my own work.

Friends, what do you deal with this problem?

Apr 22, 2018 5:22 AM
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I was in the same situation. I was just as upset as you are and I wrote a discussion about it too!
What you can do is, if that many messages bother you, change privacy settings to "messages from friends only" and write something about the problem in the profile description. That way you can control who will text you(let your friends know). I did that and, believe me, it's better now. 
And you can ignore and delete those messages. That's the harder way.
Just remember-you don't have to reply to everyone, especially those who think this is a dating site. If you are upset with "Hi", "Hello" messages, then just ask them right away which language they want to learn with you.
Stay safe and don't worry. 
April 22, 2018

Don't ever feel that you should reply to every single message. Your own time is valuable, so you can choose how to spend it.  The people who respect your time won't demand it.
April 22, 2018
You can answer when you have time and ability only and explain to them why you didn't and if they are really good friends they will understand you

Good luck !

April 22, 2018
Well, I guess you should be glad that people love you and want to connect with you, that is a bless, And It's kind of a luxury for some people to have many friends.

I have the same situation but I consider my self successful that I was able to manage effectively

But still, the important thing is to organize your time not to affect you job or your day tasks.

Have a good day dear

April 22, 2018
April 22, 2018
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