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What do you do effortlessly?:)

I daydream, dance and speak two languages effortlessly!

And you?) 

23. Apr 2018 07:20
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23. April 2018

I speak 2 languages effordlessly as well, Dutch and English, working on my Russian. (Help me!!) :)

I make wooden jewelry, its not really effordlessly, but I love doing it.

23. April 2018
Getting older, but especially everything I am enjoying without any obligation to do it. 
23. April 2018
Snapping people. Hahaha. No. Just writing songs. It is just my life. Like breathing. 
23. April 2018
I play and compose music effortlessly.   I have a YouTube channel with my original compositions.  Message me and I will give you the link! I play the clarinet, flute, saxophone, guitar, piccolo and recorders.  
23. April 2018
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