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There are different kinds of essays that a student must know how to write. It is very important for them to understand how each type is written, this will enable them be in a position to exploit their writing skills in so far as they are concerned. The most commonly assigned essays are the narrative essay, the expository essay and the persuasive kind of an essay. It will be important to delve in to each type and see what it has to offer to you, in sp far as your academic writing knowledge is concerned.


This is some form of narration that you are doing to your audience. You could say it is the basic mode in so far as journalistic writing is concerned. It describes and event using what you were informed during an incident by eye witnesses for that matter, or you could base your writing from what you saw. It is very important for you to make the story as vivid as possible. This is for the purposes of indulging the audience.

In this kind of an essay, your story telling skills will be applicable. This is an aspect that has to count in so far as feature writing is concerned, for those of you who would like to join the world of journalism some day; you ought to practice writing the narrative kind of an essay as early as now.


Among the types of essay writing lays the persuasive kind. The intention of this essay is to ensure that you have convinced your audience to believe in your line of argument. You ought to ensure that the reader agrees with your perspective as well as recommendation. In this kind of writing, you as the author is supposed to first state your essay’s topic clearly. You also ought to make sure that your idea has to be in the best format and also it has to be discussed concisely. You also have to emphasize on the significance of your topic of discussion basing your argument probably on a current situation. An important component of this essay is a well balance form of discussion of an opposing point of view which is a formal approach.

This happens to be a balanced kind of analysis of a given topic or idea. Expository essay takes in contrast and comparison. This does not allow you as the writer to include your point of view or feeling because it is based on facts. You could say it is a form of writing which gives a clear and expansive explanation of a natural or technological happening. This type of essay has some commonalities with the persuasive or narrative essays. This means that none of them is exclusive from the rest.

But all in all, if you have at some point written any of the above essays, then you already have the requisite knowledge at hand. What is remaining is to ensure you practice in as much, so as to always remain above par. Essay types have room for you to choose the one that you feel you are best fit to write. These are some of what can help you eke a living from writing, for you can be a professional writer in magazines and newspapers. This means that writing in general is an opening that has some level of professionalism. What you only need to do is to explore the heights and make sure you have created a niche for yourself. You can employ your skill in any type that you like as well, as taking on the next.

Online homework assignment help has become quite popular among US, UK and Canada students because it provides additional portion of training and tutoring to students in a friendly and professional manner. It means that experts in a given field provide online tutoring to students so that they got the fundamentals (or some particulars) about their topic. To achieve this, experts either deliver substantial drafts complete with references to sources used or create polished papers ready to be submitted.

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