Folklore from all around the world

A story that you might hear in one country shares common elements with a story from a different country. It's really fascinating. 

For example, I happened to listen to a story about two dragons that lived on two mountains, one mountain with black stones and the other with white, that are opposite each other and both have a lake on top (these mountains actually exist, without the dragons of course). The dragons were angry and threw rocks at each other from afar, and that's why some white rocks can be found on the other mountain and vice versa.

Although dragons are not really a thing in my country, they do exist in folklore. And I've heard two other stories that are very similar. And, if I'm not mistaken, dragons are included in many other cultures as well. Things such as ghosts, or fairies, or dragons, all the strange and mythical, appear to be very popular with humans throughout the centuries, no matter the difference in culture etc.

Have you noticed any stories that come from different places but are very similar?

Do you have a nice story to share that you think is unique?

Apr 23, 2018 2:30 PM