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Modern vocabulary Hey all!

Could you add some modern vocabulary that natives use in their everyday life?

23 de abr de 2018 20:36
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Part 1

Hello Darya,

I'll see if I can help you out a little bit.  Here are three.

* Sometimes, when people are hungry or they want to go eat, they might say "I'm starving!"

Example 1:  "I'm starving, let's go to lunch"

Example 2:  Man 1 : "Hey, are you hungry?

                     Man 2:  "Yeah, I'm starving!"

* If somebody had to wait for a long time in a line somewhere, or had to wait a long time for something to happen, they might say "I had to wait forever."  The same is true if an activity took a long time to finish, or if they felt it took a long time, they could say "that took forever." 

Example 1"My appointment took forever, I thought I'd never get out of there!"

Example 2 :  "It took them forever to finish that construction on the bridge."


15 de Mayo de 2018

Part 2

* When somebody is telling you something, one way to express astonishment, surprise, or that something is amazing, you could say "that's crazy!"

Example 1Masha - I was at the mall today and they had a contest, and I entered and won!

                      Nika - Wow, that's crazy!

Example 2:   Sveta - Look at my new car, and look at all these special features it came with. 

                      Viktor -  That's crazy"

Example 3:    Peter - My boss almost fired me today because he was mad that our mail was delivered late.

                        Sasha -- "Man that's crazy".

I hope this helps a little bit.  If something wasn't clear, please let me know and I will try to explain it better. ))

хорошево дня!


15 de Mayo de 2018

Hello Joshua,

Many thanks for your comments:)

Have o good day!

Best wishes,


27 de Junio de 2018
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