Short Stories: Beautiful
Short Story: Two Beautiful Bus ...

The bus got up and it was very crowded ... and all the places are full .... He cursed this reality and kept the situation from deteriorating until he saw it and she was smiling like the sun was shining ... she smiled for her and smiled for him ... and they kept exchanging views Then he said to her, "What do you think if we take the next leg and sit in a cup of coffee?"
The bus stopped at the station, winked and took her bag and got down and sat on the chair and waved her out of the window and said to her: Thank you beautiful on the seat ... to meet ... and the bus went ... [emoji][emoji][emoji]
After four stations ... I sat beside him a beautiful girl ... Look at her and said to himself: I think it is beautiful day ... After a period covered the girl in a deep sleep and inadvertently placed her head on his shoulder .... He was happy and put his head On his head and said to himself: Hey Slaaamam what a beautiful feeling !! And closed his eyes and left dreaming ... Suddenly opened the door of the bus and rushed the girl to descend ... Vtvv is of fear .... And waved the girl behind The window and she said thank you beautiful on the wallet ....
Lose his pocket if his wallet has stolen it really ..... [emoji][emoji][emoji][emoji]
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