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What ''do'' you doing? What "do" you waiting for?

I always hear those sentences in movies but I know that it is wrong in grammar. It should have been What are you doing? What are you waiting for? 

Is it only my personal listening problem? Does someone face the same problem?

2018年4月24日 12:41
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Are you expecting "are" to sound like "aaahhhrrrr"? :)

It never happens like that. We write "are" but pronounce "uh" or "r".  You heard "What're you doing?" and "What're you waiting for?" In both cases "what're" sounds like "wattuh" or "wat'r".

This explains why you think you heard "what do...?", but the speaker definitiely said, "what are...?"

I think Manoj might have misunderstood your question.

You might be hearing "What are you doing?" and "What are you waiting for?"

When spoken very fast they can sound like "What do you doing?" and "What do you waiting for?"


Yes, sir I was mistaken.

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