please correct me.
Dear Mr engender Abasi 

Wheras the meeting of bord of directors will be held next Tuesday so you are invited to attend in central office. This is the agenda of meeting consist.
1- discussing working hour
2- study the salary of the employs.
3- evaluateing the of operation current employs
4- electing the executive manager.
Apr 24, 2018 12:56 PM
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Dear Mr. Engender Abasi,

The meeting of the Board of Directors will be held next Tuesday at the central office. You are kindly invited to attend. The following items on the Agenda will be discussed:

1- Working hours
2- Assess the salary of the employees
3- Evaluating the of operation of current employees
4- Electing the executive manager

Hi Hadi, I teach how to participate in and vote during a meeting, as well as how to communicate with colleagues. If you'd like to know more you can drop me a mail. Regards.

April 24, 2018