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What is the difference between "thương" and "yêu"?
Apr 25, 2018 2:49 AM
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YEU shows our selfishness. We just want your love belongs to ourselves. Just ours.

THUONG shows our generosity. No demands, no requires. We are willing to believe in our love

When we are in love, we just think and do benefit things to us for YEU but THUONG, we set up our love as a priority.

YEU is our heart lead us but THUONG is our head lead the heart.

TOC TIEN said ' choose your heart or your head" :))))))))))))

P/S my english has a lot of shortcoming but hope you can understand and get it as an opinion. :))))))


May 14, 2018

I think, in love, "thương" means that the love to someone/ something is more sustainable and higher level than "yêu". "Thương là thương thôi", it feels very genuine and natural, so, chữ "thương" chân chất không phân chia. Người vẫn than "yêu đơn phương" ít nghe ai trách "thương đơn phương" :)

April 25, 2018
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