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 I'm from South Korea and our school have a fixed class usually for one year and structured fixed timetable. So we take a class in the same fixed classroom with a group of classmates for an year. And almost, timetable is chosen by teachers so we couldn't usually choose what kind of subject we'll take. And every year, that fixed class is changed. So we meet and make new friends every March(we start the semester every March). That would be sort of nervous and hard thing to some children who are shy, introverted. So there is a word in my country called "new semester blues" which means that children would get ill or not sleep well. I heard and know that in case of US, their school is more similar to the university. So they could choose the subject if they're interested in that class and there is a no fixed class and classmates. So I heard that they could make friends with different and diverse people throughout the different classes. How about the school of your countries? I wanna hear from you guys. :)

Apr 26, 2018 12:18 PM
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In Russian & Belarus we don't choose anything anywhere. In all educational establishments the curriculum is fixed. Only in the last year of university you can pick one or 2 additional subjects.
April 26, 2018
Oh, it's much worse than ours. Jesus it seems like very stuffy. Then you guys also have a fixed class with fixed group of classmates?
April 26, 2018