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Describe your volunteer life, and I am interested in it. These days, i am going to the center hospital in China, Guangzhou as a volunteer. We go there work as a psychological doctors for those people who come from sichuan earthquake. When i chat with them, i find most of them are very optimistic, they know people all around the country are care about them, and many volunteers from everywhere give them support. But some of them do have a PDST, a psychological problem always appears after big disaster. They are sad and the earthquake destory their home and relatives, so they don't know what's the futher.  But for me, this task will last for another several days, and i will donate myself to this work. And hope i can help more people.
Jun 11, 2008 2:46 PM
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maybe in China there still will be much to do in charity. we need hold up and be more solidarity.
June 17, 2008
Really envy you have such experience. I also want to be a volunteer to Sichuan. Every time on TV and I see many soliders are the same ages with me.Then really feel that i m useless. Want to do something to help them, but......Only pray.
June 17, 2008
1st of all i feel a great sorrow for those who died in china and i hope no one suffer any more about charity work here in egypt is not organized at all we have the culture of charity but still it has to be organized to fill the needs of our society we have few organizations try to deliver help for poor and needy; i think they r trying their best in this field but more work has to be done. about me i like helping ppl and do whatever i can to mitigate a suffer so i joined a group that called "FOR MY COUNTRY = Ashanik Ya Balady" they r trying to help others in a creative way with the min. cost here we have a few recycle factories so they take whatever this factories need, sell it to these them and with this money they help other ppl also they begin a project for erasure illiterates (educate ppl who can't read or write) and teaching them technical stuff that market needs i hope many ppl know the benefits of charity works for societies and humanity as well
June 12, 2008
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