Hyunseung (현승)
National Hangeul Museum(국립한글박물관)

First of all, I've never known Hangeul Museum exists.

I just saw sign today when I passed through subway station.


Second, I'm not English native speaker, so I'm not sure website explains properly and enough about Hangeul,
However, It will be helpful if you want to learn really really basic Hangeul through website.

Also, below website supports 日本語, 漢語, Francais.
(More detail : http://learning.hangeul.go.kr/intro)

Thrid, it releases Hangeul calendar monthly.
I checked it but unfortunately you can download it only Korean version website. Sorry about that :(


Fourth, Museum explains basic concept of 한글, so you are really really beginner,
It's good to visit.to learn 한글 and overall history of 한글. But my point of view, Session for explaining concept of 한글 is bit short.

Museum close only New Year's day(1st Jan), Luna New Year's day, and 추석(Korean Thanksgiving day).

My best part was you can print like flight ticket and upload on website your name in Korean! I took some photos and share them with you. 


Have a nice weekend :D Thank you! 감사합니다^^

Apr 28, 2018 3:17 PM
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Guten tag! I will share what I saw at there ;)
April 30, 2018
I wanted to go to the museum both times I went to Seoul but it never worked out (too much to do, too little time). Someday... 
April 30, 2018
Hyunseung (현승)
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