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Any help what can i do I want learn english but i dont learn grammer  i want speak  and under stand another inf what can i do to do this (help me)
Apr 29, 2018 2:00 AM
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Do you mean you don’t want to learn grammar, but just learn how to speak? I don’t know how you can do that  unless you’re a child of 2 years of age and spend 10 years in a total immersion English speaking environment. Grammar is sort of like the method or formula you use to place the words of a language together to convey thoughts and ideas. It’s like taking the motor out of a car and expecting the car to get you someplace. Or, I like to think of grammar like you might think of mathematical formulas needed to be applied to math problems to get the right answer. Without  knowing the code, so-to-speak, you are never going to piece the words of a language together to effectively speak. 
April 29, 2018