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Conversez sur whatsapp Hello Everybody i’m looking for some someone for practice my English with whatsap or else....

I have sent a lot of invitation but any answer[emoji] I knouw we can be a afraid to call someone who you know nothing[emoji][emoji][emoji][emoji] [emoji] but how we can do for progress If we can’t speak the language.

I am learn English not for stait whit my books in my home but for travel and meet some people.

Can you help me [emoji]I can’t help you for French.

I haven't time for something else please.


Apr 29, 2018 11:13 AM
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Hi majoj thanks for your answer but I'm dont looking for teacher like you can read.I have one.


April 29, 2018
Hello Khdija, I am Manoj Kumar Nagle from India, i may help you practice English Language daily for an Hour or two through the skype and i don't want any kind of Language Exchange but you have to pay me 1 dollar for per 2 hours. As the class will go for an hour or two you will have to be face to face. If interested you may contact me. Here is my skype contact Address- [email protected], please do call me.
April 29, 2018