Tania Starikova
Lerning Chinese is tough and time consuming I'm thinking of starting learning Chinese and I've just read an article that says Chinese requires 3 or4  hours of  daily practice   for a few years, otherwise it isn't  even worth starting  it as you won't make any progress. They say one or two hours a day is nothing. That is really discouraging. Is it really so? Those who are speaking Chinese as a foreign language  at the intermediate level or higher, please, share your experience... How much did it really take you to master it? Of course 4 hours a day for a year or two sounds insurmountable to me. 
Apr 29, 2018 7:06 PM
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Rome was not built in a day
April 30, 2018
Hi! I think it depends on your goal. Conversational chinese is not hard, the grammar is very easy. But the reading part is hard. It also depends on persons skills and language study experiense and first of all- motivation. Dont br afraid, just start!
April 30, 2018