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Please feel free to explain the problems you've faced when learning a language. Please feel free to explain the problems you've faced when learning a language. At the end of your comment please write your mother tongue and your target language.
Apr 30, 2018 4:02 PM
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thank you fo the chance  i  am  nando  come from peru i have had a  troble  understanding how to learn easy  such words as at  on   in  not counting the mistakes  however  allthings is challenge  for  everybody 
May 3, 2018

My main problem with Spanish (the only language I've ever tried to learn) is deciphering the constructions that use "se." The pronominal verbs are just a major headache. And to make the matter worse, it seems like all the good info and the key to gaining a real understanding are both hidden behind an impenetrable wall of jargon. Any accessible content that I have found simply refers to "se" as a reflexive pronoun, even when it clearly isn't. If I could wrap my head around pronominal verbs that would be half the battle.

Mi mayor dificultad con el español (el único idioma que he intentado aprender) es entender las construcciones con "se." Los verbos pronominales son todo un lío en general. Y para empeorar las cosas, parece que tanto toda la información útil como la clave para entender el tema son escondidas detrás de un muro de jerga impenetrable. Cualquier contenido inteligible que he encontrado simplemente se refiere al "se" como un pronombre reflexivo, incluso cuando claramente no lo es. Si pudiera conseguir captar los verbos pronominales, eso sería un gran paso adelante.

¡La lucha continúa!

May 3, 2018

Maybe I had some time to try to "understand" why a certain grammar issue should be this or that, but it was useless.

Having learned "different" languages, Slavic, Indo-European, Roman or  Hungarian from somewhere, now I just accept the differences. There is actually no "why", because they are so, how they are.

For anything, it is true that it is hard to understand if there is no such an idea/concept in a language and this has nothing to do with difficulties. I think it a reason to learn languages; to learn something new through languages, which makes our life fun, and makes us more tolerant and open to other cultures.

Native: Japanese

Speaking: English, German

Improving: French, Italian

Leaning: Russian

May 3, 2018
The hardest thing for me was not having a good teacher in school. I've recently started improving on my own when I realised the things we do in the classroom aren't enough. On iTalki I improved my target language for one level up (from A2 to B1), and I can't wait to get all the bars red on my profile. 
The hardest thing about grammar were definetly too many verb tenses and forms, plus the prepositions in Italian. I still need to improve speaking and vocabulary but it's all OK now, I just have to keep practicing.

Native language: Montenegrin and the other 3 that are almost the same
Target language: Italian

April 30, 2018
The main problem I face is actually speaking my target language, which is Spanish.  I have heard of many people having this same problem.  I absolutely understand that I will never go to the next level without speaking - yet I continue to allow myself to be intimidated!  It's so self-defeating. When I dig deeper I understand that I have a desire to be "perfect" in whatever I do. At work I do accept critical feedback, but it really stays with me.  I am learning Spanish purely for pleasure, so I have nothing to fear in making mistakes.......yet there the fear is. 
April 30, 2018
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