Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Hi Everyone and thank you for your attention!

I'd like to engage you into discussion about this book. If someone has an opinion to share, please do it in comments. I am looking forward to check out your point of view. I have one humble request for native English speakers. Please, correct my mistakes in following text. Thank you.

In my opinion the main topic of this book is personal privacy of each and everyone of us. As you may know Digital Fortress was published in 1998. Those times no one apart from conspiracy buffs took it seriously. But in 2013 after former CIA employee Edward Snowden revealed facts concerning global surveillance system designed by the US government, this notion doesn't seem unreasonable. It appears that the US agencies tapped people all over the World for decades.

On the one hand this global surveillance system provides huge opportunities to thwart terrorist attacks, solve crimes, etc. On the other hand it makes our personal life absolutely transparent. Every time you send a text message to your friend you can be sure someone has a possibillity to intercept it. As a result, society got a choice to make. Sacrifice everyone's privacy or put everyone in dangerous position.

I would rather choose the first. I really don't care weather someone is reading my e-mail or even tapping my phone. I've got nothing to hide. Surely, government officials are not interested in my conversaitions as long as I act according to the law. In my honest opinion it is better to be tapped but safe.

And what do you think about this?

Apr 30, 2018 6:56 PM
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May 1, 2018