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"Some people are Schooled but not Educated" What's your opinion about this?

May 2, 2018 3:53 AM
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Thats a very intersting topic well I am teacher and I work hard every day in order to "educate" kids that however is a team work between family school and society.

Nowaday people are focus in making money fot that rhey need to get a degree and Be ready to find a job, but that shouldnt be the point of education. We should enjoy every stage and choose something that is going to make us happy as a human being. Our purpose here is not to be wealthy but have a happy life.

In conclusion every one can be schooled but only few people are educated

May 2, 2018

Educated is formal. Schooled is informal. The latter can mean to be taught a life lesson (used as a verb), or to have learned to do something very well by experience. Blue collar/ trade workers are often schooled but not educated. They can be very intelligent in their field without a degree. They may also have a wisdom exceeding those who are highly and formally educated. 

Education will have symbolic qualifiers like degrees or certifications. 

A person can be a fantastic mechanic but never received formal education for it. 

In slang (U.S), being schooled is to be taught a lesson in which may be humbling or embarrassing. This can be a lesson through being proven wrong/ lacking or physical violence. 

Also, possibly,  but less common, it could refer to the lack of quality of a school system in which children do not recieve a good education but are passed through the system anyhow, teaching them the skill of getting by. 

May 2, 2018


I completely endorse this view that some people are schooled but not educated. Now a days, schools are serving the subjects and rotten system only but not catering to the real spirit of education.  Make educate someone means making someone a winner who can fight  with problems of life and win at every step of life. Educated person is imbued with positivism and moral values which school fail to inculcate in students.

Hope you would see eye to eye with me.


May 2, 2018
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