Enter college Hi! I want to here other people ideas.

I was supposed to go college on September.

Actually i wanted to go LA college to study but i could not get enough results for toefl. So i have to wait until January,but i can go other college.

So i don't know which option is better wait until winter semester to enter LA college or go to other college then transfer to LA college when i get enough ?

May 2, 2018 6:22 AM
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At least when I was in college years ago, university courses required a lot of reading and writing.  Have you had any university courses yet?  It might be a good idea to take one or two courses now at a local college while you are improving your English.  If your English is not yet good enough for toefl you may end up needing to study more hours per course than a native speaker would.  Getting a sense of how many hours of study you need to do for each credit hour might be something very useful to you.

When I was in college, my philosophy professor asked me to tutor a student from another country.  He told me that she was unable to express herself well enough in writing to do well on the essay exams.  He was willing to give her oral exams if she had a tutor. Not sure how many professors would be so accommodating- this was a small private college.

I also have a friend whose job at an American university was in a scholarship program for Central American students.  There were two courses at the university that she ¨re-taught¨ in Spanish to help students.  One was an interpersonal communication/speech class. Some courses, like the philosophy class and the speech class require fairly high level English skills to do well, so I think finding out what services are available and also finding out how many hours of courses you will be able to handle, instead of assuming you will be able to handle the same number as a natuve English speaker, could be important for your success.  I think the university you want to attend put the restriction trying to help students not get in ¨over their head.¨ 

May 2, 2018
Go to college in a better country . That’s what I’d so. There’s plenty to pick from better than the US. 
May 2, 2018

Only you know all the variables that can determine what’s best for you.

It would seem plausible that living in the U.S. would increase your practice of English. Therefore, I would encourage the move and then transfer. One of the biggest challenges for me to learn languages is lack of submersion. Depending where you move to, there are English (as a second language) classes available to help you refine your skills. 

May 2, 2018
Yes you right but yesterday i was really impresse and i really wanted heard somebody ideas.

Actually im not bad at speaking my problems are reading and writing .

May 2, 2018
Well, that would depend on whether your English level will improve enough by January to qualify. So only you can answer that question. What is your current level? Are you taking English lessons? are some of the things to think about. 
May 2, 2018