Driving Experiences in your city.

What are the situations you face while driving in your city? 

In my city of 20 million people with your average middle class family at least owning either 2 cars or multiple bikes. Traffic can be a bit overbearing at times. And not counting rush hours at that. It's a whole different ball game during rush hour.

To top it off, the daily situations you face while driving in my city could be quite bizzare to a foreigner. When my relatives visit from abroad, they don't even dare to drive. Instead they are content with being the passenger. 

Over taking donkey carts on the freeway, Maneuvering through a herd of cows crossing the road, Maneuvering through a flock of people just randomly walking out in front of you to cross the road as there are no road crossing signals. Let alone a zebra crossing.  All the while completely ignoring the pedestrian bridge. No body ever wearing a seat belt (I do). Disregarding the red light even when the police is nearby. 

No speed limits whatsoever, people driving like they came right out of a fast and furious movie. Dodging potholes that your grandfather probably used to dodge, when he used to drive around. Because road maintenance is an alien concept. 

Driving on the wrong side on a one way road, under aged kids riding motorcycles and cars. (Literally saw a kid driving a Civic on the road last night). Bribing the traffic police for not having a license.

Lastly, if you drive a stick shift like me, you're gonna become a master of it, because of how many times you gotta switch gears back and forth in one driving session to tackle each and every obstacle mentioned above.  

These are the few shenanigans you face while driving in my city. Share some of yours. 

May 3, 2018 11:43 AM
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In Bishkek it is rather calm to drive. But you often face with policemen who try to impose you a violation, especially if you have no a dashcam. There are many right-handed cars here, but the traffic is right-sided, so you often will trouble to overtake the car which occupies two lines. In the night these right-handed drivers will blind you with their wrong setted lights. Furthermore some drivers even don't think to toggle off the high beam. Also you will face with inadequate drivers who will cut in ahead of you.
May 4, 2018
I see you what you mean. If involved in a wrongful accident. Or an involuntary hit and run incident. Having dashcam video for proof could prove to be concrete evidence if needed in court. 
May 4, 2018

If i recall correctly, isn't it enforced by law to have a dashcam at all times? I would like to know the reasoning behind it. 

Firstly hearing about it! There were attempts to forbid dashcams, due to allegedly distracting driver's attention, but they still have right to install them. The reason is countering a corruption in justice system, I think.

May 4, 2018

Oh Man! I have had my fair share of viewing Russian dashcam compilation videos from Russia on YouTube. Situations do tend to turn for the worse in the blink of an eye. If i recall correctly, isn't it enforced by law to have a dashcam at all times? I would like to know the reasoning behind it. 

Also, i wrote this discussion while sitting at a burger joint waiting for my order, so some scenarios slipped my mind, as it was transfixed on eliminating hunger, while simultaneously curbing boredom. The high beams at nights are the bane of my life. And some people have installed LED lights on their vehicles, which then reflects back on my side mirrors blindsiding me to the point, as if i'm laying down in an alien abductee experiment and all their surgical lights are focused on me. I guess that's something your country's driving experience resonates with mine. I also have to toggle high beam from time to time. Not because I'm a douche, it's because there are no street lights activated at night, leaving you to drive in pitch darkness, not knowing, when a pothole or a speed beaker is going to come lunging at your car, hurting it's poor suspension if you don't slow down in time...

May 4, 2018