What is your study routine?

I have two questions...

What is your daily study routine for learning a language?  How many hours, what resources do you use, etc.?

Also, what parts of italki do you use?  Do you ever use 'language partners', informal tutoring, etc.?

May 7, 2018 1:41 AM
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Well for me when I don't have think in English (I speak Spanish) I see a movie with subtitles in my leanguge or listen music when I boried I try to write with other person people without if not native speaker. When I had time with my parthner write in the leangue that we learn and she read in her tought and check and I did the same and in my classroom my teacher we can put for play for example guess object, discribet objects for vocabulary  I usually practice with me partner when they have doubt or I have, for speak and write with other people about other things that isn't learn I use other app.
May 7, 2018