Dylan brown
Arabic Dialects Would someone be able to give me some advice. I would like to learn arabic, but im not sure which dialect will be most useful. I plan on joining the military, but other than that id just like some input from someone with experience on which would be the most versatile or most widely spoke of the dialects. Ive heard egyptian is the most used, but would it be most helpful for use in places where the US military conducts business?
May 8, 2018 6:56 AM
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Hi Dylan

I recommend you to learn the Arabic Standard as it is understood by the majority of Arab, unlike to dialects that are practiced in certain Arab regions.

June 11, 2018
I recommend you to learn the standard Arabic , not a particular dialect. 
May 8, 2018
Hello Dylan

yes I agree with Samar, it depends on why do you want to learn Arabic. If you want to learn it for academic purposes I recommend the standerd Arabic.

But if you want to learn it just to communicate with Arabs or to work there or know to more about the culture, movies and so on, so I will recommend the egyption dialect for that purpose.

Because it is the most understandable one amoug all Arab countries and also must of the famous Arab songs and movies are egyption
June 12, 2018
It depends on which country you want to go!!!! If you will come to Egypt so learn egyptian dialect if you will go to Dubai sure the gulf 
Lebanon etc...... good luck 
June 11, 2018
I am a native Arabic speaker (gulf Arabic) but we understand most of the Arabic dialects because they are all similar. the best thing if you are a beginner is to learn the Arabic language its self (standard and academic) yet you want to deal with a specific group of people or move to an Arabic country then the best idea would be is to learn their dialect.
May 9, 2018
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