Learning Chinese - business language. Please help me with these sentences.


Are these sentences correct? 

1. 准备市场调查,确定在亚太地区的初始目标市场。
(Prepare a market research, define the initial target markets in the Asia-Pacific region.)

2. 支持品牌来决定其产品(规格,包装和标签,价格)和分销渠道的定位。
(Support the brand to decide the positioning of their product (specifications, packaging & labeling, price) and distribution channels.)

3. 在线与离线市场查找分销商和直销零售商。
(Find distributors and direct retailers in the offline and online market.)

4. 对商业和法律问题提供咨询。
(Advising about commercial and legal issues.)

May 8, 2018 10:30 AM
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May 8, 2018