What I think about Italki This is a place to develop language skills and know other cultures. Through my life, I've looking for opportunities to visit and live abroad. Actually, I still didn't visit any other country (but Paraguay and Argentina , that are so close to home). I hope some day I can make a journey for other places around the world. I really like to know people, make contacts, build a network an make my way out. Italki is a place that makes the world's people face each other. These meetings make me remember where I belong to: the world is home. World is our home. We are all neighbors in a big "web street", connecting to each other by the legacy that makes us to be who we really are: the language. I hope everybody have good times and good study. Let's Italki! 
May 9, 2018 10:50 PM
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Thinking in you sentences is so good ! I very like it.
May 9, 2018