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      lately on March I text someone from United kingdom and asked him to be my language partner but he insulted me and i text Italki's support team, told them about what happened but they didn't answer me even,

what can i do ?

this is the guy who insulted me and said bad words to me just be cause I text him


what can i do more ?!

They don't care ha ?!!

what would happened if i did what he did for me ?!

what would you do if you were me ?1

Help me good people :)

May 10, 2018 4:37 PM
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I'm sorry that you've had this unpleasant experience, but please don't take it personally.

As with most online communities, italki attracts a certain proportion of sad, sick people. Unfortunately you have just met one of them.

Just look at this guy's profile:

He hasn't taken any lessons, asked any questions, written any entries or taken part in any language-related activities here. He appears to have no foreign language ability at all and no interest in language learning. The only thing he has has done  here is collect a few dozen 'friends' - all of them pretty young women from different countries. He clearly isn't here for a good reason.

What should you do? Ignore him, of course.

May 10, 2018

I am sorry for your bad experience. But as a general rule I would say that posting a link to the profile of this person isn’t very elegant either. Sounds like a tactic that police informers use. Sorry, I didn’t find a translation for the French word “dénonciation “ . Yes we can have bad experiences on the net. It happened also to me that another italki member started to insult me because I didn’t want to make a language exchange with him. I just stopped reading his messages. I didn’t publicize his profile. Eventually he left italki. Theoretically we were a good match, I was learning his language and he was learning mine. But I just didn’t have time.

May 11, 2018
You really can't do much except for what you are just doing: complain on the forum to get some support. But it really depends on what you wrote to him and what he said exactly so not knowing this it is really hard to judge this person. Anyway, normally you can only be language partners with people who are learning your language or maybe those who are learning the same language that you are learning if you are at similar levels. So in any case it was a bad idea to message this person in the first place.
May 10, 2018
It is unfortunate you were insulted by someone in the iTalki community. I would just move on. It's not worth making anything more of it. It is possible that since 99% of his 24 friends are women, he is not only here for the purpose of broadening his language skills.
May 10, 2018
Actually you can post screenshots to your comments or original posts. There are many ways!

The easiest for me when I need to post screenshots here is by using "LighShot". Just follow

these steps:

1. Open the page where you want to take the screenshot.

2. Press on "prt sc" button on your keyboard.

3. Select the area you want to show in your screenshot.

4. Then press on the icon that shows under your screenshot that says "upload to the prntscr.com".

5. Finally just click on copy, and paste the link wherever you need to show it.

You can do that multiple times if you need to take more than one screenshot for different pages.

Have you shared any screenshots with italki support team when you sent them your request?

Because you should. Otherwise they wouldn't know if there was a real insult or not. It's weird 

that you haven't had any reply from italki support though! Email them again on this email add.: 

A tip for you, if you want this to be solved, you have to know that italki support team doesn't 

take a look at these discussions, so you better try one more time with them directly.
May 11, 2018
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