Levantine Arabic Televsion / ?تلفزيون برنامج بالعربي شامي

Ramadan is coming up and I purchased Sling International to watch television in Arabic. I have most major channels from the Middle East. LBC, MBC, news from across MENA, etc. I really want to watch some good shows during Ramadan. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to watch shows that are in Levantine Arabic. (I know that a lot are in Egyptian Arabic, but I'm hoping some shows from Lebanon will be in Levantine) 

Let me know! 

أهلاً يا طلاب  اللغات. في رمضان بدي أشهد تلفزيون بالعربي. عندي قناة من كل البلاد الذي بتحكي بالعربي . شو المفضلة برنامجك بالعربي الشامي؟ 

شكراً جزيلاً 

May 10, 2018 6:36 PM
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You could have a look at Roya website (or watch their channel directly)

They've got a few Lebanese and Syrian series among all the Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian ones.
The city or region where the series takes place is often indicated in the description. Otherwise watching the trailer or the first few minutes helps (if you can distinguish the accents and/or dialects).

I haven't watched any that I found amazing (I may be a bit picky ;) ) but some are Lebanese like
الهيبة - طريق - تانغو
or Syrian like وردة شامية

There are also a few old Syrian classics like Bab Al Hara ( باب الحرة).
I hope it helps
May 23, 2019
Are there any musalsalat in Fous’ha?
May 10, 2018

that's a bit old but still very good comedy :)

the show is about a couple (Jamil and Hanae) he is trying to get her jealous as proof of her love ...

May 10, 2018