[Question ] Being a 'nice guy' becomes a threat to men's earning power as soon as they turn 30
Thank you for coming here to discuss my topic.
I have a question about the below article.

After all, is a nice guy able to earn more money than others? or not?
Because I thought disagreeable personality isn't friendly(I might make a mistake of American culture), it's opposite to a nice guy.

what is a definition of nice-guy and disagreeable?
I looked up the words in the dictionary, but I don't imagine the words.
I have been still confusing about the words.

May 10, 2018 11:40 PM
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The part of your prejudice which has some truth is that one of big values of the American culture is competition. Sometimes men who are called ¨nice guys¨ are ones who are more cooperative than competitive.  An agreeable personality can be a big advantage and many American men are very friendly and nice in most situations.  Some competitive men really are cooperative as well with members of their ¨team.¨ But in some situations, you will see American men ¨look out for number one¨ (themselves)  which can be more culturally sanctioned in the U.S. than is likely in Japan or other more collective cultures. (Actually this is somewhat true for women as well.  Although traditionally women compete in term of appearance, their home, their children´s achievements, etc.  I would say that is changing as sex roles and parenting are changing a bit.)
May 11, 2018

the below article -> the article below (

confusing -> confused. "confusing" means that it's causing confusion. "confused" means that it's in a state of confusion. In this context, you are "confused". If you say you are "confusing", that means you are causing some confusion to other people.

The word disagreeable means unfriendly. The article is saying that people who are disagreeable tend to make more money than nice guys.
May 11, 2018
There are many sayings in American culture like "good guys finish last." It is impossible to speak for every case but the corporate world is indeed quite "cutthroat" or "dog eat dog" as we say, and I can't say my experience was any different. Politics play a big role in corporate America and society in general, so those that are able to make decisions in "cold blood" and not care about the feelings of others, might indeed have an advantage in American business and society.
May 11, 2018

Thanks, Jason! I understood what the article describes.

Hmm, I read with my father the kind of book why the most successful leaders in America is cold blood.

I have thought that some American guys are like that, so I understood what you explained.

But I met some nice guys who live in CA or AZ sometimes, so I thought that I have a prejudice against Americans.

To make a general judgment, I guess my prejudice is part of the truth.

May 11, 2018