To denounce an Italki member with name and surname is that OK?

In the last two weeks two different Italki members denounced two other members openly by posting a link to their profile. They had had some problems with them and asked the support of the community.

I feel a little bit shocked by the fact, that the names were written. 

I once had a similar problem with an italki member who in private messages treated me badly . I refused to make a language exchange with him. I never would have published his name or told his native language for several reasons.

For instance, I do not like to denounce a single person to a potential audience of 3 millions people (that’s apparently the number of italki members).

What do you think about denouncing in public someone who offended you?

Is that current in your culture?

May 11, 2018 2:12 PM
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I don't see it as a cultural issue at all because you could find two people having different

opinions about it while they are from the same culture.

Not trying to denounce anyone, but I'll mention facts that happened not so far ago

because you only are referring to the last ones you witnessed on italki, when it has

happened before and I've seen it a lot since I joined 4 years ago.

One of the members denounced her language partner publicly and shared their skype

conversations for everyone to read before she deactivated herself. Another denounced

two female teachers with links to their profiles for not accepting to teach men.

One of them was from the U.S and the other was from the U.K.

Me? I would do it in one case, which is denouncing a pervert with evidence in my hand,

and I have done it already! It was the least I could do to denounce that pervert and report

him to italki! I have no regrets whatsoever.

He simply attracted students to give them "free English lessons" on skype, but used them

to  the point of telling a girl who is 35-40 years younger that he loves her. He's around 55 and

he should have known better. He chose the young generation to spread his poisonous ideas,

and every member of his group who stood up for him when he insulted their culture and religion

was kicked out, in a way the ones who were left were afraid to say anything, because you know

after all he's giving "free lessons". After I denounced him,  of course he didn't defend himself

or anything, but he changed his profile name and photo!

Denouncing him publicly on the discussion board was the only thing I could do. At least for

everyone to know his reality because he was known as a respectful member who help English

learners for free. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

May 11, 2018

Denouncing someone in public has become very common in American culture, and while in some instances it might be necessary, I think that overall we have become an extremely judgmental society eager to overlook our own faults while pointing out the faults of others.  Everyone is offended by something or someone, but it is sometimes necessary to overlook petty issues for the good of society as a whole.

I personally think that denouncing someone on italki is very rude, and probably against italki's policies.  I would report the person to italki if it was something really bad, and then I would block the person. If it was just something minor, like asking if I was married, etc., I would just block the person.  Just because I had a problem with a person doesn't mean someone else will.

May 11, 2018
Well, that's one way to enliven the Discussion board. There have been lots of complaints about how boring its gotten.
May 11, 2018


I agree that in general users shouldn't name and shame users they have a problem with. Just reporting and blocking should be enough. 


Is asking if you were married already reason enough for getting blocked? In Germany, it's also impolite to ask but in other cultures, it's very normal. In China, the first things you get asked by total strangers are: Are you married? If not: Why? Do you have children? If yes: How many, how old? If not: Why? Being asked these questions by another user here, I'd either answer them if I feel like it (my marital status and the number of my children is common knowledge on italki anyway) or I'd say that I don't feel comfortable talking about it. But that wouldn't be reason enough to block someone.

May 11, 2018
I followed those links, and the accusations appeared to have no merit whatsoever — the denouncers had been privately spamming people at random (at random or maybe young ladies), and started whining publicly when people didn’t like their spam. On the other hand, I believe such postings are extremely valuable in teaching language learners in the community about the denouncer’s culture — or lack of it. It’s definitely stuff you won’t find in a textbook.

May 11, 2018
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