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Your suggestions for topics help me to speak fluently and improve my language


I'm studying English on EF

And I have about 39 private classes (40 minutes just a teacher and me) . I want to achieve biggest benefit from this package. I have to choose my subject to every class but I don't know what the best thing for me to do that. That what I'm writing here now to get advises form you. If you suggest something for me.

I was thought to read a book with a teacher on these classes, because I think the weakest area in my language is pronunciation, and how I read the new words.

also I need to speak more and more to avoid my fear. When I am talking I am be hesitant  the grammar and the vocabulary are go far away from my mind.

I'm gonna study English seriously after 6 weeks about 3 months. that is mean every week I have to take 3 private classes a week. In addition, I'm attending two Group Class every day and studying the Materials that they are offerd on website. also I have my own program to listen.

sorry for talk a long. For summarize, Which subjects you suggest for my private classes?

And is reading a book will be useful?

Your suggestions for topics help me to speak fluently and improve my language.

Thank you.. 

May 11, 2018 6:52 PM
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You have to stop thinking in your native language and start thinking in English. Summarize your day in English and catch every chance to practice.
May 16, 2018

I would prepare topics if I were you, for example:

Travel-  Trips, holidays, what countries you have visited. (prepare vocabulary about that)- try to have a conversation with your he will rectify the mistakes.

Traditions in your country-

Education system in your country.

traditional dishes.

It is also have a photo shared with your tutor and to describe it in detail...there will be lots of vocabulary to learn, etc..

How to give directions.

talk about favourite books.  Explain a little story...

I hope you enjoy your learning journey. :)


May 11, 2018
Reading books must help your English to a degree, but you must read quite a number of books and keep thinking while you are reading. The more you read, the more you may be advancing.  Meanwhile you may think about how to enhance your speaking with the study materials learned in the reading and writing. 
May 11, 2018

Thank you both Jack and Elisa

Elisa. Thanks a lot these will be very helpful.

I'm looking for more suggestions.

May 15, 2018