Сергей Лебедев
The easiest way to get in to Pyongyang Hi everyone here! I would appreciate any corrections and help:)

     Several days ago I walked around the downtown of Khabarovsk – the 
capital of the Far East of Russia. It was late evening but the weather was comfortable and warm enough. People around me were strolling and enjoying fresh air and chilling gentle wind. 
     By the time I was walking from the Amurskiy Boulevard on the halfway towards Lenin Street I saw a Korean café where I’d been once before. I’d been there once in order to try their kuksi soup – one of my favorite dishes of Asian cuisine. The café was going to close and some people were standing outside. They looked like Asians, but they definitely were neither Chinese nor Japanese. “Based on cuisine they must be Koreans?” I thought. But where they were from? What Korea? Somehow that question has become more actual since recent news about possible meeting of Donald Trump and Rocket Kim. I decided
to glance at the signboard to recall the name of the cafe and when I looked at it I found out that the name was Pyongyang. Moreover something strange was on the signboard – it was purple with white letters and two red flags with narrow stripes of blue and white color were on the both sides of the signboard. Something a bit communist was in those flags – red five-pointed stars on each flag. I frowned and tried to recall the country which Pyongyang was the capital of. It was suspicious. I failed and used Google. 
     The discovery was shocking and fascinating at the same time. At that moment I was standing right in front of the café named after the capital of Great and Horrible North Korea! At the centre of the capital of the Far East of Russia! And people standing nearby the café probably were from North Korea! The discovery was too overwhelming to my susceptible mind since there have been so many news around North Korea, nuclear deals, meetings of presidents and other historical events.
     I’ve been aware of the fact that some people from North Korea had been working in the Far East and Siberian areas of Russia, mostly in timber cutting and repair of apartments giving away the most part of their salary to their bosses allegedly for their country’s needs. Moreover workers from North Korea once made repairs at the apartment building where I’m living in now. And we even exchanged a few words in Russian. However to name a café after the capital of the country which has become a world threat was a very brave and to a certain extent exotic act! Maybe it was another reminder of the fact that people of North Korea are just the same like people from all over the world? 
     By the way visitors testimonials in the Internet state that the staff of the café almost can’t speak Russian. So if you ever decide to visit “Pyongyang” here is the address: Russia, Khabarovsk, Volochaevskaya street, 124.
May 12, 2018 1:47 AM
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1) Koreans repairing your house and talking with you is more impressive than a cafe named after a city.
I think, you are more concerned with "big" international games, or you would see that.

2) Russia, America and China can devastate the world (China doesn't have such nuclear stockpiles as Russia and America, but they could have them if they wished).
Korea is only a threat to itself.

3) It is a stalemate for 72 years, since 2 countries mentioned in #2 splitted Korean peninsula apart.

If you can propose a way out of the situation....
But well, call them 'good people', or 'bad people', it is still a stalemate. It is not a very good thing for Koreans to live in. And for other countries... Look, when 70 countries will have nukes, their use in conflicts will become routineous.

May 12, 2018