Róbert Frederik
I´m looking for a fluent english speaking partner Hi everybody, I am a fluent english speaker. Is there somebody to speak with me in english (let´s say f.e. once a week) to practice and refresh our english together? I speak fluently but I lack everyday speaking because of living in a country where only a few people speak it. So because of my interest not forgeting it, it would be very useful to use it ordinary. If You are somebody with similar interest and level of english I would be glad to know You and talk to You.
May 12, 2018 8:13 AM
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Hello, I have similar idea. But in fact, it is very difficult. Actually, I was connected to a group just more than 2 weeks ago. There are 17 ladies from different countries. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the first week. But it got quieter after just after 1 week. I doubt if there is anyone speaking this week. :(
May 12, 2018
Hi. I don´t think it is such impossible because I already have a few friends to talk weekly from here (italki). But I have only four and if one or two aren´t able to attend the session it means shortening of my speaking hours by half. So would you like to speak in English f.e. once or twice a week with me via skype?
May 12, 2018