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whay is your mott0 motto is so vital for people ,what is your motto ,talk sonething about it
May 25, 2008 10:20 AM
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"explore.":D life is hard. evolve.:) chew chewing gum. blow bubblegum. eat food well. sleep. drink. life is hard. make dreams come true. true happiness isknowing whta you really, really meantout of one's actions, thoughts, language (whatever is said).
June 28, 2008
my motto is engoy your time donot complicate it also when i can draw smile on people faces
June 22, 2008
mine is keep going~~ whenever u meet any difficult, dont say no to urself even without trying... to utmost encourage myself to combat with the barriars on the road of my life.
June 19, 2008
my motto is be strict to yourself and be tolerant to others. in Chinese, it means 严以待己,宽以待人。 it is hard for us to follow this. we always forgive ourselves easily and keep others bad behaviour or had saying in our heart. Just be tolerance, it is my most want to acheive.
June 17, 2008
One Language is never enough. :D
June 3, 2008
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