Heng Zhang
Any more time-preposition in January

in winter

in 1999

in the morning/ afternoon /evening

in the daytime

on Monday

on Sunday afternoon

on July 1st, 2011

at six o’clock

at three thirty

at night

at noon

at this time of year.

in a year

in spring

in September

in a week

in two weeks

in two weeks' time

on Monday

on Monday afternoon

on March 7th, 2000

at eight o’clock

at this time of day /year

at the moment

in the summer / winter holiday

at Christmas

on Christmas Day / Eve / afternoon

on the evening of May 31st,2011

on National Day

on Children's Day

on the day of my arrival / departure

on the day she comes

in the year I was born

on the very Monday she fell ill

on Thanksgiving Day

during our stay in Japan

in Tom's absence

in the presence of my friends

on our way to the library

on their first trip to Shanghai

on a voyage inthe Atlantic Ocean

May 13, 2018 12:04 PM
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In English, we may also refer to a time as relative to the current time. "Back in '08 there was an earthquake in China". The future may be implied by saying "When he grows up I hope he stops picking his nose" or "After he moved to England he started driving on the left side of the road". Some of these may be referring to the past or the future or the present. A follow-up question may be advised (of course). 

I think all of you choices are good except the last one where you may have made a typographical error. There is no word "inthe" in English that I know of. 

May 13, 2018