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quando uso "ci" e "ne" e perché?
May 13, 2018 3:36 PM
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Grazie mille!!:)
May 13, 2018

There particles can be used for a lot of things and they are difficult aspects of the Italian language to master.

"Ci" can act, among other things:

- as first-person plural pronoun, used as a direct or indirect object (meaning "noi" or "a noi").

"Ci piace la pizza" = "A noi piace la pizza" ("We like pizza")

"Perché non ci hai svegliato?" ("Why you didn't wake us up?")

- as adverb of place.

"Vorrei visitare Parigi e un giorno ci andrò" ("I would like to visit Paris and I will go there one day")

"Ne" can be used when you want to refer to something or somebody it was already mentioned (or that is clear from the context), meaning "of this/that person", "of this/that thing". Examples:

"Hai comprato la pizza? Ne posso avere un po'?" - "Ne posso avere un po'?" stands for "Posso avere un po' di pizza?" ("Did you buy pizza? Can I have some?")

"Non ci sono mai stato ma le persone ne parlano bene" ("I've never been there but people talk good about it")

Anyway, mine is by no means an exhaustive answer, they can also take other meanings.

May 13, 2018