Le preposizioni "A", "IN", "DI" e "DA": can someone help me?! I've been studying italian since February and I feel like I'm stuck with these prepositions...  I mean, I can't understand when I should use A or IN, the same thing goes for DA and DI, which verbs require A or IN... Can someone help with? If possible, using examples... Grazie a tutti!
May 13, 2018 7:29 PM
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Hi Daniela, preposition are complicated in Italian! I try to explain to you the use of A and IN when you speak about places.

Preposition A is used after verb that expresses movement. For example " Io vado A casa"= I go TO home (it's the same of English preposition TO).

A is used also when you tell about where you LIVE or STAY "Io vivo A Roma" = I live in Rome     or     "Io sto A casa"=  I stay at home.

These are some examples, I hope they're useful!

May 14, 2018
Eu também estudo inglês mas muita coisa desse tipo nao entendo
May 13, 2018