learning languages community
Hi there!! We want to invite you to our community for language learners on Discord with 60 accessible languages.
The advantages of using Discord are that we do not need to share personal information like phone numbers, photos and on. You just have to create a loggin. Although discord was made for gamers, it allows us to create a well organized community with a bunch of rooms to text and call and that's what I did. 

Multilingua was organized to ease the communication, you  chose the languages you want and new categories (ex: English, French..) will be shown on your display, each category is separed by  6 channels.

01)Basic level. 02) advanced level .3) learning.04)content,05) call (basic level). 06)call (advanced level) 
install discord on your cellphone or access the website first and then click on this link:

May 13, 2018 8:01 PM