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Don't be stunting on my culture
I've been watching the American TV show, Atlanta. 

It is an American comedy-drama about black culture and two African Americans navigating the urban rap scene. 
I 've learned some phrases that are new to me, such as "Don't be stunting on my culture."
This quote was said by actor Donald Glover, a black man, and directed toward a white man who seemed to be using black culture to entertain himself and/or to show off. 

According to, stunting means "High class flashing of your jewelry, money, riches, etc."

Anyways, I figure that "don't be stunting on my culture" means do not use my culture to "show off" or to "entertain others."

Another quote I like is, "Everything’s made up, stay woke

The slang term or African-American Vernacular English,  Stay woke, is making its way into the mainstream. It means "be aware of social and political issues and oppression"
I think it translate to this: our society is socially constructed, we have to stay aware of and call out institutional racism or any other form of oppressions. 
Read more about this here,  Stuntin' is a habit: "Altanta " shows us that white notion of success will never work for black people
May 16, 2018 4:59 AM
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When I heard the expression "Stay woke", I immediately thought of mindfulness that come from Tibetan meditation.
May 16, 2018