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what does the highlighted points mean?

He made a gesture that took in her ragged hair and
pale face. “You look like one of these Goth kids, like a shadow—”
“Can we discuss something else?”
“I think you’re lying about what happened in the basement. How’s that for something else?”

Elizabeth looked away. “Your timeline’s off, Liz. The state police aren’t buying it, and neither am I. The girl is squirrelly

with details, which makes me think she’s lying, too. You’re missing an hour. You emptied your

what does the highlighted points mean?

May 16, 2018 1:56 PM
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"How's that for something else?"= the character is being mean to the other one.  He changed the subject to something else and he is acknowledging it to her.  

"Your timeline's off, Liz"= Her telling of the sequence of events is not accurate.  Liz is a nickname for someone named Elizabeth.

"The girl is squirrelly with details"= the girl is not consistent with the details of her story.

"You're missing an hour"= there's an hour of time that she is not talking about. 

May 16, 2018